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Pronounced <Bar-Mon-E>



Created by the "Omniversal" Artist ~TheDonLeeBoy~ ( Donovan Lee Jones ) BHarmony is a brand that is more than a brand. Aside from a creative and unique style of clothing, accessories and many other things, BHarmony is a brand that is dedicated to uplift people, inspire people as well as make them think through the power of Original Quotes, Statements, Words, Phrases, Designs, Artwork and even a hint of Poetry. With that being said BHarmony expects for a few people to feel offended by an intriguing quote, poem, phrase, or piece of artwork here & there.

BHarmony was brought to life on 8/8/16. The number 8 turned sideways is the symbol for infinity. The numbers add up, the stars align and this start up date was intentional.

~TheDonLeeBoy~ ( Donovan Lee Jones ) is a multi talented "Omniversal" artist whose talents range from drawing and painting, to poetry and rapping and then some. Born of a half Jamaican, half AFRICAN-"American" bloodline, ~TheDonLeeBoy~ was born and raised in NewYork while moving around a lot in the later years, moving to Maryland and then eventually joining the Marines and traveling the world while serving. "A dog of the military" but not a fan of war, the elite rulers / those in "power", or corruption ~TheDonLeeBoy~ is here for the people.



Equipped with the ability to make a positive change to the world, BHarmony is geared at attacking the Sub-Conscious Mind of anyone that it comes in contact with. Yes! Anyone!!! You the person who has visited the website but didn't make a purchase. You the buyer. You the person who was just walking down the street and saw someone wearing BHarmony, and even you the person who saw a BHarmony advertisement wether on the internet or in the real world.
"How will BHarmony change the world" you ask? Subconsciously! From the logo, to the brand name, to the messages contained within the clothing, etc. BHarmony will change the world by altering a persons way ofthinking one sub-conscious mind at time. The subconscious mind is the most powerful part of the mind. The sub-conscious mind is what controls our body's functions. It is what tells us to breath while we sleep. It is what holds on to the memories that our regular mind can no longer remember. It is what gives power to our feelings and emotions. It is what sees the things that our conscious mind overlooks. It is what hears what we consciously do not. It is what feels the things that we consciously can not. It is what smells the things that we consciously pay no attention to. It is what tastes the things that are consciously tasteless.  Essentially our sub-conscious mind is our thought's thoughts and it is the closest connection that we have from our physical body to our spiritual soul. The subconscious mind is one of the most powerful tools that builds our reality. That tool like many others can get damaged from time to time or by placing it into the wrong hands. BHarmony is what will repair, strengthen, and evolve that tool (the subconscious mind).
While wearing BHarmony, you can expect for random people to be intrigued and approach you by either seeing the logo or by being captured by the power of the message that BHarmony brings. The curiosity that so many people have will gravitate them to you and you never know, you just may make a new friend or bump into your soul mate. If someone asks you a question about the logo or the message behind an item from BHarmony, ~TheDonLeeBoy~ recommends that you don't say much at first. BHarmony has a unique way with having a conversation with a persons sub-conscious mind without them even knowing it so by all means... let them converse. Let them express what they see in the logo. Let them express what the message says to them or how it makes them feel. Let them enjoy the brief moment of having a mind altering experience that is completely unique to them and then thats when you can explain to them what it means to you. You can expect blog posts, videos and even physical conversations (if you know me personally) in the future in which ~TheDonLeeBoy~ explains the meaning behind a message but like a great work of art it is all up to self interpretation and we all perceive things differently. That's the beauty in it all.
Target Customer
Those that are of Black descent within the entire diaspora of the Planet... Universe... Multiverse... Omniverse. Being that the color Black in it's physical form is the accumulation of all colors, and that we are currently living in a physical form of reality, the target customer of BHarmony are those that are the accumulation of all colors. (Everybody) Emphasizing on BLACK. "But I'm not Black" you say. Fear not, the first human beings on planet Earth were Black meaning that you have come from Black, and it doesn't matter what color you are in the physical realm you are still one of the components that makes up the color Black. Black is Beautiful. If you removed the sun or took a trip to outer space you would see that Black is all around us. Black is not to be feared. Black is not evil. Black is Love.
Currently BHarmony is only capable of shipping to addresses located on planet Earth during our current point in time but there are plans to ship to other planets, stars, galaxies, universes, forms of reality and other points in time in the future.
Anywhere within (or outside of) the Omniverse to be exact so if you know of any martians or time-travelers, tell them to hang tight or pay us a visit and they to can sport some fly BHarmony gear.
Why Black?
Aside from Black being the accumulation of all colors and being the most efficient way to include everybody (and everything), BHarmony is the reaction of a world that does not respect Black. We cannot ignore the negative stereotypes and stigmatism's that are often placed on Black. Black is often given a bad name and reputation. A society that demonizes Black from it's hidden systematical methods of oppressing Black to the blatantly obvious materialization of hatred towards Black can no longer be tolerated. I did not include an ('s) while referring to Black because societies hatred towards Black exceeds just black people.
Everything that is Black is despised. Even things that are on the darker side are despised for being closer to Black. Animals aren't safe from the hatred of black either. Society associates Black with Death and a list of other negative things. From Black being "ignorant", "dirty", and "lazy" to Black being "uneducated", "animalistic" and "evil". Society considers a Black cat to be a symbol of bad luck, but a white dove to be a symbol of peace and love. Society calls an Orca (which is Black) a Killer "Whale" but calls the other beast of the sea "The Great White" Shark. This hatred of Black has even made its way into the christian religion in which the Savior of this religion "Jesus Christ" is described as a Black male but depicted as a white male. There are even some religions that believe that Black people are the physical representation of "The Devil" here on Earth and for that are cursed with dark skin. Even the statues and wall paintings of Ancient Egypt (which is in Africa) have been completely dismembered/ removed or altered in order to reduce the appearance of African (Black) features such as statues once having wide noses (which is common amongst African/Black people) to the noses on these statues being replaced with a more narrow looking nose (which is common amongst European/White people). Ancient wall paintings have been repainted to have lighter skin tones which reduces the appearance of being African/Black.
Africans/Blacks have also been enslaved and brutalized for hundreds of years and then treated unfairly after quote on quote "being set free". Africans/Blacks were denied the right to read/vote, denied a quality education, considered property, forced into ghettos and slums, experimented on, humiliated, and publicly hung. Through years and years of torture and brainwash, Africans/Blacks have been taught to hate their own unique qualities and features such as having beautiful dark skin, big lips, a wide nose, and even having curly hair.
This is why BHarmony (Black Harmony) is necessary, important, and was created. We all have some Black in us and it is time to be at Harmony with that Black.
An extreme amount of symbolism is included in this logo. Created with my unique way of thinking it's bound to capture the attention of your subconscious mind.
Harmonize Your Black
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