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Got Self Sufficiency? White & Black (Goddesses)

Got Self Sufficiency? White & Black (Goddesses)

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Got Self Sufficiency?

This Shirt/Quote/Question/Statement has 3 meanings.

(1) Collectively as a whole Black/African Americans have the spending power of over 1 Trillion Dollars. However, Blacks/ African Americans aren't that able to rely on themselves for opportunities advance their state of life or culture. We work for the man, Learn from the man and pay taxes to the man. Even if you own your own business... the man is often who you get your supplies from, or who you pay to own the property of your business, who teaches you and your children at school, who provides your food and so on and so on. I want blacks who view this Quote/ Statement to strive to be more self sufficient in all aspects of their life.

(2) Other cultures/races as well. Just like Blacks, many cultures and their traditions and way of life are exploited and then capitalized on by the man. Sure, they may give us or own ethnic isle in the supermarket or at the hair store but that is not enough. Each culture should have their own supermarket or hair store. It's a lot deeper than that but you get the message.

(3) Individually no matter what Race, Creed, or color, we should all strive to be self sufficient. We should all reach for the stars and learn to be the best version of ourselves before the waste hits the fan. Learn and experience new things. See what life is like when you are able to depend on your own self. Change your own tire, pump your own gas, grow your own food, educate your own self, attain spiritual enlightenment from your own self. Get out there! Be Brave! And Be SELF SUFFICIENT!

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